Help us to Be Outspoken!!

At Outspoken Arts we use the arts to explore the human experience, respond to social issues and create change – and we desperately need your help!!

We are in the 2nd phase of research & development of our production #ReGeneration – we’ve has been accepted into the Camden People’s Theatre festival ‘Whose London Is It Anyway’ which is great news! But just before Christmas we found out our funding had fallen through but we aren’t gonna let that hold us back from getting our voice out there with a piece of theatre that is of the people & for the people – we need to BE OUTSPOKEN about the mass evictions & social cleansing taking place in Brixton.

We need to talk about it using the only way we know that successfully creates change – by telling the story. And with first hand experience living on one of the estates being ‘regenerated’ in Brixton, this story offers a unique glimpse into reality.

#ReGeneration explores the system of ‘gentrification’ through the lens of the increasingly segregated Brixton. It examines the relationship between councils and developers, the role of ‘us’ as artists, the pricing out that people experience & the sudden mixing (or non mixing) of classes. The clash & cohesion of different ‘London tribes’. We want to bring these different ‘groups’ together to create a platform for dialogue.

What We Need…

We’ve dusted ourselves off, given ourselves a talking to and come up with a plan – we’ve stripped the project right back to the bare bones, every penny you contribute will be going towards paying actors to do the reading for the festival.

We’ll do everything else. Unpaid. We urgently need to tell this story, it’s everyone’s story and getting it out there and heard is most important to us.

We have a script (via our writer – Endy McKay), rehearsal space (with support in kind from Oval House Theatre), a performance space (Camden People’s Theatre) and all the bits in between but to really move people we need tip top actor’s to tell the story and help us to create that change.

We need 6 actors

We will pay them £70 per day.

2x day rehearsal (£840)

1x day Tech run & performance (£420)

£1260 total – Every penny we are asking for is to pay them for their contribution.

Risks & Challenges
Bring it on! We know this is going to be challenging, we are both actresses (we being Chetna Pandya & Endy McKay), co founders & directors of Outspoken Arts & both mothers too but what’s the point of looking back at your life and wondering how your contribution might have changed something. Why not be the change. So we are going to be drinking caffeine by the bucket load and getting it done. Risks & Challenges – none that we aren’t ready to conquer!

We have a strong community of creatives around us and our mobiles are armed at the ready to pull in some favours too 🙂

Other Ways You Can Help
If you can’t help out with some £££ you can still help! Here’s how..

Spread the word about the show & us using social media

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Check out our testimonials from R&D stage 1

“I think it would make a great theatre piece and a great site-specific piece. I definitely started imagining it taking place in really exciting, just-about-to-be-gentrified spaces, but I think a theatre version could work well too. I thought the writing and the performances were just great – really strong and really exciting.” Poppy Keeling, Complicite
“WELL DONE!!! Its a really exciting and important project.” Amy Clamp, Pleasance Theatre

“Loved it! Thought the actors were terrific and it demonstrated a huge amount of work for a week.” Catherine Alexander, CSSD

“I always end a day’s work berating myself for talking too much! But then the next day, do exactly the same thing again, because I felt so passionate about the work you’d made. Well done and thank you. It was a really affirming experience being asked to contribute and think. Wow, being encouraged to think while working with women who inspire you, Win bloody WIN!! What a fabulous week that was. Very inspiring watching you and Endy making it happen. And I really appreciated being in the room. Bodes really well for the production that you galvanised all of us during the week. We’ll all be there at the next occupation!” Ayesha Antoine – Actor