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OUTSPOKEN ARTS is a Community Interest Company (CIC).

We use the arts to explore the human experience, respond to social issues and create change.

After seven fulfilling and successful years of executing our vision we have decided to bring the company to a close and venture boldly and proudly onto new pastures.

Outspoken Arts has allowed us to reach thousands of young people since it’s conception, employed fantastic creative artists and facilitators and produced transformational pieces of responsive theatre & film.

Endy and Chetna have continued to develop as artists and now hold position as artistic and quality assessors with Arts Council England, trained as producers with China Plate, finalists at Brand Amplifier and both sit on Boards of theatre organisations; Chetna sits on the board of Complicite, Endy sits on the board of US Charitable Trust & Theatre Peckham.

We send our heartfelt thanks to our vast network of creative collaborators. Thank you to all who helped us fulfil our vision of using the arts for social change and thank you to those who pushed us beyond our own boundaries and helped us discover new depths of our creativity. We salute you and continue to honour your input into our individual and collaborative journeys spreading our shared ethos of ‘being outspoken’ even wider.

‘We believe everyone has the right to BE OUTSPOKEN